Digital Marketing Services

Good quality content is king on the internet, and content marketing begins with a solid plan. I help you curate an inventory of relevant topics for your audience and guide you with selecting the best channels to broadcast your message. Utilizing my copywriting skills, we will publish them at a frequency that works with your budget.

Just like an investment portfolio, I recommend a diversified approach to broadcasting. Technology giants control the digital marketplace, and they set their own rules. Their algorithms are dynamic, and change is constant. Sometimes, they limit your reach when you least expect it. A multi-pronged approach helps to soften these blows. While you are at the mercy of proprietary algorithms, search engines and social media platforms offer businesses opportunities to find and grow communities of loyal fans like never before. But none of this takes place magically. 

It starts on a bedrock of fresh and good quality content curated regularly on your website.


Here’s how I can help you with your marketing.

SEO Copywriting for Websites

Writing business content for on-line consumption is different from other forms of written composition. First, people have to find your content on search engines, which is competitive. Then, when someone arrives at your page, you have seconds to make an impression. Your page must be compelling to keep readers engaged enough to browse and convert as clients and customers. Words matter. Consequently, your prose and paragraphs must be structured to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Blog Posts

Blogs live in the most dynamic section of a website. They form the lifeblood of a long-term SEO strategy. While your main product and service pages generally remain static, the blog section allows you to serve up fresh content regularly. It helps to position you as an expert in your field. For SEO, this is how you compete for the vast majority of your search terms.

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Email Marketing and Newsletters

Do not assume your customers will automatically find your latest announcement just because you posted it on Facebook. Organic reach on social media remains virtually non-existent for business accounts. Furthermore, your customers may not all live on social media. Email marketing and newsletters are suited for businesses that have a robust database of customers. They bypass noisy social media channels and deliver your message straight into inboxes.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) and paid ads on digital platforms, commonly known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can complement organic search efforts, greatly. However, they will quickly turn into money pits if you do not know what you are doing. Paid ads work well for delivering brand, product and service information. And they are especially suited to build rapid awareness for seasonal and sales announcements.

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SEO Strategy and Consultation

Google, along with world-renowned SEO experts, regularly publish self-help content that allows anyone with a website to groom it for SEO growth. You will need to dedicate many hours to this exercise, though. If you are already maxed out trying to grow your business, then hiring me is the next best thing. This service is cost-effective for pre-revenue startups where you can execute some or all the tasks yourself, but under my guidance, on an as-needed basis. And for established business owners, I take the stress off your hands completely by stepping in as your on-call Director of Marketing.

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My clients include businesses that do not require a full-time marketing department on board. However, managing all aspects of their digital marketing on my own would be a tall order. My niche is SEO copywriting and marketing strategy. I collaborate with a network of professionals with complementary skills to round out my offering. Collectively, we function as your part-time marketing department.

This ecosystem includes experienced web developers, graphic designers, photographers, podcasters, videographers, Instagram and Facebook specialists, Google ad analysts etc. I have worked with them on multiple projects for several years. Once we have your strategy in place, I direct the work with my team, so the execution appears seamless to you. All of us operate as independent consultants with lower overheads than large agencies. You will receive exceptionally high-quality service from us at very reasonable rates.

Engagements & Rates

When you engage me for your marketing project, you pay for my time. My rates will depend on what you need. Let’s have a chat about this first so that I can quote out your project correctly. My clients benefit from a long-term relationship with me because content marketing requires continuity and trust. I often work on retainer and offer discounts for these long term engagements.

Your first 30 minutes with me are free, though!  If you’re curious to learn more, let’s make time to connect. I’d love to hear from you.