Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Blog posts live in the most dynamic section of websites and blogging is good for SEO. Blogs form the lifeblood of a long-term SEO strategy. While your main product and service pages generally remain static, the blog section allows you to serve up fresh content regularly. It helps to position you as an expert in your field. For SEO, this is how we compete for the vast majority of your key phrases.

My clients hire me for blog posts because they lack the time or aptitude to write engaging material regularly. They recognize blogging to be crucial for their marketing and prefer to hand this task over to a professional.

Blog Post Topics

Before diving into blogs, we need a plan. You understand your audience better than I do. However, I bring SEO expertise to the table. We must team up to develop an inventory of topics relevant to your audience. During this exercise, I will push the boundaries and challenge you to think like your customer. Let’s work from their perspective to find the nuggets that answer their most pressing questions. I will inject keyword research into this process so we prioritize topics by their searchability value.

From there, we discuss the format. Your blogs could include text, pictures, infographics, videos, podcasts and more. I will manage your written content. As required, I can bring in experts for graphic design, website changes, video and podcast production, etc.

Producing Blog Posts

We will schedule the blog posts for production and publishing at regular intervals. The frequency depends entirely on your budget. However, it would help if you planned on publishing them frequently. The more you post, the higher you start to rank because Google will index and serve them for a variety of matching search phrases.

I specialize in articulating legal, technical, financial or medical information in simple and straightforward language for the layperson. To get started, I require your expertise, and we can structure this work in various ways. Some clients prefer an interview to discuss the topic. Others provide me with vetted research that I use to complete the blog. My legal clients utilize their articling students and junior lawyers to create initial drafts, which experienced lawyers review before I receive them.

Let’s discuss your needs and a production process that makes sense for your business.

Blog Posts & Categories

As we add content to your website, we will reach a point where your blog database will require organizing. I will introduce you to blog categories when this happens. Consider it an important milestone! Groups of blogs on a topic allow you to showcase the breadth of your knowledge. In my experience, this is when you will start seeing the fruits of your SEO labour.

Every business needs time to build up its inventory of blog posts to get to this point. It demonstrates why SEO requires long-term engagement with an experienced copywriter.


Many people underestimate the contribution links make to SEO. Links are pathways bots use to zip through the web. If you want your website content found, a starting point would be to link it somewhere

Internal links between pages on your website form the structure of your website. A copywriter familiar with your content can easily introduce these links during the blog writing process to strengthen your website. Linking out to good quality non-competitive external sites for reference is also a good strategy that can enhance the user experience on your site.

Backlinks are inbound links from external websites and the most challenging to acquire. Yet, they remain essential for SEO. Google computes your digital reputation from your backlink profile and uses this as a ranking factor when serving up your content. If all things are equal with two websites, blogs from the website with a better backlink profile will always rank higher. I will help you with strategies to earn backlinks from reputable sites and embed this into your overall PR and marketing strategy. Blog posts, containing informative and valuable details, will make this part easier.


SEO copywriting will help your content rank organically over time. However, it first needs interactions via your social media accounts or your newsletter. Most social media platforms limit content reach for business accounts without paid ads and I highly recommend you set a small advertising budget for this purpose. Besides, you may want some messages to work faster for you. Examples include seasonal messaging or a time-limited sale. When you need to draw attention to your content quickly, I develop an advertising plan that works with your budget and complements your organic search efforts.

Are you ready to get started with blogging or take yours to the next level?