Email Marketing and Newsletters

Email Marketing and Newsletters

A newsletter is an email filled with the latest news from your company. It works well for businesses that own or have an active plan to acquire subscribers. Newsletters allow you to bypass noisy social media channels to get your information directly into in-boxes and in front of people interested in your business. If you have already built a mailing list of subscribers, then treat them like VIPs. Let’s design a newsletter that will keep you top of mind.

Using the same tactics I deploy for blogging, I’ll help you curate content for your newsletter so it generates traffic on your website, contributing to your overall SEO strategy. While sales and promotions remain good candidates for newsletters, I always advise clients to keep it 90% educational and 10% promotional. People are busy and email spam is a big global problem. It is so bad that we now dedicate time in our day to delete a majority of messages to keep our in-boxes manageable.

A newsletter filled with nothing but sales offers will tune your readers out. Let’s not become “that guy” because your engagement rates will drop. Educational content wins the long race and that’s where my copywriting skills come in useful.

I will help you simplify complex legal, technical, financial or medical information so a layperson can understand it, easily. Together, we will theme your newsletter to be interesting and useful for your readers.

The newsletter platform I am most familiar with is Mailchimp which remains free for companies with mailing lists of up to 2,000 subscribers.