Social media platforms brought opportunities that marketers of yesteryear could only dream about. For decades, marketing remained a one-way conversation where brands made announcements to consumers. Social media blew the doors open to allow two-way discourses to take place. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram allow customers to interact with brands directly and in real-time. These platforms give us a direct path to grow sales. However, clever marketers will leverage this dynamic for more.

I always counsel my clients to use their social media channels to educate their audience and to conduct market research to understand them better. Limiting your social media communication for sales announcements only will lead to short-term engagements with your audience. You will miss out on leveraging the full potential of social media platforms, which is to build a community of dedicated and loyal followers.


Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, perform well for personal accounts. However, business accounts have to go through a few hoops to get engagement. To monetize their technology, social media companies limit the reach of content posted on business pages. You must advertise to gain meaningful engagement.

A well-planned advertising campaign can support, complement and enhance organic SEO efforts greatly. Furthermore, paid ads offer a channel to jump-starting awareness of your seasonal services or a time-limited offer.

I can either manage paid ads for you or train you to execute them, yourself. You will quickly learn how passionate I am about analytics because we will measure everything. My disciplined approach will allow us to learn and pivot so we stay on- track with your goals. If I overwhelm you with terms you do not care for, like impressions, reach, CPC, conversion rates, etc., just tell me to tone it down a notch! I will not be offended. However, I will always rely on insights from data to drive an informed decision-making process for your marketing.

I treat advertising budgets with the utmost respect. You will always know where every penny goes and what it generates for you with easy to understand reports, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

My expertise includes Google, Facebook and LinkedIn ad platforms.

Paid ads can work very well for growing brand, product and service awareness. However, they will quickly turn into money pits if you do not know what you are doing. If you are ready to let an experienced hand guide you in this area of marketing, let’s chat!